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Giving new possibilities to space is what we pursue. 


From the beginning of establishment, ADU has emphasized

"Responsible design" with a will to find the best way to be considerate to people and the environment To create good architecture, architects must be clearly aware of the influence of a single line which can affect the daily and continuous lives of people. Also, good architects must read and interpret architecture in a broader view, understanding its surrounding environment and culture. A good space with thoughtful design contributes not only to improve the quality of space for human being but also to increase project value. 
We plan development strategies from a long-term point of view and find a way to apply designs to real situations. We believe the basis of our work should be a deep understanding of human life and culture. 
We are continually challenging ourselves to grow to become the leading cross-border architectural firm, promoting positive development in Southeast Asia. We will always strive to create local-friendly, community-saving architecture, and also to be reliable and trustworthy to our clients. 

                                                                                Jae Wook Cha

                                                                                Chairman of ADU

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